1936 Avondale plane crash

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Birmingham News photo of the aftermath

The 1936 Avondale plane crash was an aviation accident that occurred on the playground of the Avondale School on August 16, 1936. Pilot Jack Brazleton and passenger John Donovan were injured in the wreck of Glenn Messer's 3-year-old yellow bi-plane and taken to St Vincent's Hospital for treatment.

According to witnesses, the plane nearly touched down near the 12th tee at the Highland Park Golf Course, but regained altitude until the motor died and it snagged on a flagpole at the Avondale School, clipped the cornice on the building's southwest corner, and landed in a heap on the playground. The bottom wing and landing gear were damaged in the wreck.

The crash occurred one day after the fatal 1936 Central Park plane crash at the Central Park Airport.


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