22nd Street viaduct

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22nd Street viaduct in the 1920s

The 22nd Street viaduct is a road bridge constructed in 1915 connecting 22nd Street South to 22nd Street North over the Railroad Reservation, Morris Avenue to the north and Powell Avenue to the south.

The northeast edge of the viaduct is built directly adjacent to a building on the south side of Morris Avenue. The portion of the building's wall projecting above the span was used as the site for "Geo-Chromatic Progress", one of Michael Mojher's paintings completed under the auspices of the Birmingham Urban Mural Project in 1978.

Detail of the balustrade in June 2002

The span gained a degree of local press in the summer of 2000 when the city used duct tape to temporarily fix crumbling balusters while waiting for appropriations from ALDOT for more permanent repairs.