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Entrance to 29 Dreams in June 2009
Entrance to 29 Dreams in June 2009

29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort was a private retreat for motorcycle enthusiasts located at 53707 Alabama State Highway 25 South in Vandiver, Shelby County.

The resort was founded in 2000 by Tim Langley and a business partner (who subsequently sold his share back to Langley in 2002). Langley and www.brooklynmusicschool.org his wife Kathy ran the retreat, which featured air-conditioned cabins, a lodge and restaurant, outdoor stage area, improved camp sites, motorcycle repair, and other amenities on http://akpa.org/genuine-viagra-online 29 acres geared towards motorcyclists and their families.

On May 25, 2010 the Langleys closed 29 Dreams due to financial difficulties.

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