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3rd Avenue South (originally Avenue C) is an east-west avenue in Birmingham. It continues U. S. Highway 78 westbound from Crestwood Boulevard (via an angled section of 5th Avenue South) through Avondale and into the City Center. Beginning at 36th Street the avenue is one-way westbound with three lanes of traffic.

US 78 turns north off of 3rd Avenue at 24th Street, continuing west along 8th Avenue North toward Arkadelphia Road. 3rd Avenue South proceeds through Midtown Birmingham, becoming an onramp to I-65 North after it crosses 12th Street South.

The avenue picks up again in Titusville as 3rd Avenue Southwest, a two-lane residential street running between Omega Street and Martin Luther King, Jr Drive at Elmwood Cemetery.

In Woodlawn and East Lake additional sections of 3rd Avenue South can be found. One runs for less than a block off of 59th Street South south of Georgia Road. Another picks up at 61st Street South and runs into the I-20 right of way just past 64th Street South. It picks up at 64th Place South on the other side of the interstate and continues to 67th Street South, where it ends in the turn a block shy of the Cascade Plunge. On the other side of the proposed Druid Hollow Park 3rd Avenue continues as a residential street between 70th Street South and 86th Street South. The alley between 2nd and 3rd Avenue in this area is promoted as a Musician's Hollow by the East Lake Arts District.

MAX Transit Route 17 runs along parts of 3rd Avenue South in Avondale.


3rd Avenue South was converted from two-way to one-way (westbound) traffic from 32nd Street to 14th Street in August 1955. The west-only traffic pattern was extended to I-65 in 1973 by the Alabama Department of Transportation's TOPICS (Traffic Operations Program to Increase Capacity and Safety) program.

Notable locations

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South Titusville

Five Points South neighborhood

Southside neighborhood

Forest Park-South Avondale

Forest Park/East Avondale

East Avondale

South Woodlawn

South East Lake

Locations on 3rd Avenue Southwest