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This article is about the 1910 building on 5th Avenue North. For other similarly-named buildings, see Age-Herald Building (disambiguation).
The Age-Herald Building in 2007

The Age-Herald Building or Exchange Building, located at 2107 5th Avenue North, was built in 1910 to house the printing plant and offices of daily The Birmingham Age-Herald newspaper. The five-story, 42,180 square-foot structure, was constructed by Charles Allen.

The building, designed by architect William Weston, is one of the only a few buildings in Birmingham built in a the "Beaux-Arts" or "Renaissance" style. The entire facade of tan mottled brick was trimmed with terra-cotta with a heavy terra-cotta cornice and frieze decorated with large globes and owls.

The center of the building is dominated by a large plate-glass window set in verdigris-colored iron. The Renaissance-style door is surmounted by a clock pediment with another terra-cotta globe above it and smaller carved owls on each side.

The lobby features a mosaic tile floor with an antique design. The printing rooms and offices were outfitted with elevators and the latest equipment, and were protected by fireproof walls.

The Age-Herald relocated to the Comer Building after it was bought by the Comer family in 1922.


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