Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame All-Stars

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The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame All-Stars (AJHoF All-Stars) was a jazz ensemble directed by pianist / vocalist Ray Reach. The group served as the resident faculty of the Jazz Education Department of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and the faculty of the “Fun With Jazz” educational program, originated at the Alys Stephens Center, and later administered by the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

In addition to Reach, the membership roster of the group included clarinetist / saxophonist Frank Adams, trumpeter Tommy Stewart, trumpeter / saxophonist Omari Thomas, trumpeter Bo Berry, saxophonists Gary Wheat, Dave Amaral and Dave Miller, trombonist Chad Fisher, guitarist Carlos Pino, bassists Abe Becker and Cleveland Eaton, and drummers John Nuckols and Sonny Harris.

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