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All About Birmingham box.jpg

All About Birmingham (also called The Game of Birmingham) was a novelty board game, in the "All About Town" series, published by Windsor Publication in 1982. Players start at "residence square" on the perimeter of the board game and use "All About Town money" to acquire travel cards by reaching particular squares on the board. The first player to acquire 8 cards and return home wins. Players can acquire other players' cards at half the regular price by landing on the same space. The game board, box, cards, currency, rules sheet and player tokens all feature prominent advertisements for local businesses and visitor attractions.

The player tokens, printed on cardboard which is folded and inserted in plastic stands, included Bart Starr Honda, Best Western Airport Motel, Buffalo Advertiser, Captain D's, Diet Center, NAPA Auto Parts, Photo Copy Incorporated, Playfair, Rain Tunnel Car Wash, Red Mountain Museum, Standard Distributors, UAB Hospital, WDJC-FM, WENN-FM/AM, WJLD-AM, WLPH-AM & WSGN-AM

The All About Birmingham game board.

Other advertisers -- whose logos can be found on the game board, cards, and currency -- include Alabama Lock & Key, All Seasons Travel, All Star Instant Printing, Arlington Historic House & Gardens, Billy's Bar, Holiday Inn Medical Center, Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham Zoo, Bolin-Reeves Florist, Cambridge Shop, Carpet Gallery, Colonial Dining Club, Elmwood Cemetery and Mausoleum, Genuine Parts Company, Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, Greensprings Shell Service, Homewood Toy & Hobby Shop, Hyatt Birmingham, Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Lakeshore Rehabilitation Complex, Legion Field, Loehmann's Village, Martin Flowers, Maternity Fashion Bazaar, Mr Gatti's, Nelson-Brantley Glass Company, Norton's Florist, Old Plantation Barbeque, The Phoenix, Pilleteri Maytag, Playback Electronic Warehouse, Ridouts Brown Service, Robert Turner Optical, Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Simon-Williamson Clinic, Sloss Furnaces, Social Grill, Southeast Cabinet Distributors, Spivey Stores, Tire Engineers, UAB, Unpainted Furniture, U. S. Equipment Bank, Vestavia Merchants Association, Vulcan, WAPI-AM/FM, WATV AM.