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Allen Lyman Bartlett Sr (born 1903 in Denver, Colorado) is a retired architect who practiced in Birmingham from 1946 until well into the 2010s.

Bartlett's family moved from Colorado to Birmingham in 1905 and then to Atlanta, Georgia in 1912. Bartlett attended Tech High School and enrolled as a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1921. He was inspired to major in architecture while watching a house under construction across the street from his family's residence during his junior year. While completing school he worked as an intern at an Atlanta architecture firm.

After graduating in 1925, Bartlett secured a position in Birmingham. He lost his job during the Great Depression and went to find work in Knoxville, Tennessee and New York City. He then returned to Atlanta to take a job with Henry Tooms. After Tooms closed his office at the beginning of World War II Bartlett spent two years working for the U.S. Army as a purchasing agent. He resumed his architectural practice in Birmingham in 1946 and was involved in the completion of Alabama's first Holiday Inn on the Bessemer Super Highway. Over the next several decades Bartlett designed hundreds of residences.

Bartlett's son, Allen Jr served as presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania from 1987 to 1998.

Notable buildings