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Antris J. Hinton (born c. 1946) is a former Mayor of Brownville before its annexation into Birmingham and later served as a member of the Birmingham City Council representing District 7.

Hinton is a graduate of Alabama A&M University was was employed as a disability examiner for the State of Alabama.

The Town of Brownville voted 435 to 223 to join Birmingham in August 1981. A few months after the annexation, Hinton was elected president of the East Brownville neighborhood association.

Hinton was first elected to the Birmingham City Council as a two-year at-large candidate in the 1987 election. She ran to represent District 7 in the 1989 race which was the first held under the districting ordinance. She was re-elected in 1993 and subsequently named President Pro Tempore. Sandra Little succeeded her after the 1997 election.