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Atrox Factory is a 40,000 square foot haunted attraction located in the former Solomon Trousers factory at 1104 Parkway Drive Southwest in Leeds which bills itself as "the largest indoor haunted attraction in the Southeast". In addition to a large and complex walk-through attraction with a variety of human and animatronic encounters, Atrox has a carnivalesque queuing area with fortune-tellers, souvenir stands, video screens and displays. In 2005 the element of smell was added to the experience.

Principal organizers are Paul Johnson, Kyle Holman, David Russell and Shane Traffanstedt. The organizers previously ran Slain Manor before moving to central Leeds and the character of "Dr Slain" is still a part of the horror concept at Atrox.

Some scenes from the 2004 film "Alice's Misadventures in Wonderland" were filmed at Atrox.


The 2008 season will run from October 3 to November 1 and feature appearances by Linda Blair, Tony Moran, and Cassandra Patterson as her "Elvira" persona.


The 2007 season ran from October 5 to October 31. Special appearances by Robert Englund, Tyler Mane, and Michael Bailey Smith were scheduled.


The 2006 season ran from October 6 to October 31. Special appearances by Dick Warlock and Doug Bradley were scheduled.


The 2005 season featured special appearances by actors Gunnar Hanson, Jonathan Breck, and Kane Hodder. Special promotional nights were also set aside for students of Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, and Spain Park High Schools. Profits from the operation go to various charities which, in 2005, included Kid One Transport, Hands On Birmingham and the Autism Society.


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