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Backwater was a jazz-fusion band based in Birmingham and active in the mid-1970s.

The group began performing as a trio in 1974, with a regular gig at the Jolly Ox at Brookwood Village playing "commercial" music. After a break, Backwater returned as a 7-piece group which was featured at the Morris House. Early members included Larry Hardin (alto and tenor saxophone), Robby Catlin (bass and vocals), Trippe Thomason (piano, organ, clarinet, saxophone and synthesizers) and Scott Pettersen (drums, trumpet and vocals). Jerry Groom and Doug Gerrard regularly sat in with the group on guitars.

Hardin and Thomason left the group and were replaced by Tom Woodruff (piano and organ) and Myra Woodruff (vocals).

The group's albums, released on the band's own Bongwater Records, featured a "studio side" and a "live side". The studio tracks were recorded by Tom Nist at New London Recording Center and at Fifth Floor Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. Live tracks were recorded at The Midnight's Voice in Birmingham and at


  • Backwater (1976) Backwater. Bongwater Records BONG-001, reissued on CD in 1997 by Catt Sirten/Catt's Sunday Brunch Project
    1. Alto Ego
    2. Love is all I'm After
    3. Nailed to the Floor
    4. 14th Ave. So.
    5. I am Blind
    6. Just Hangin' Around
    7. Sunflower (live)
    8. Pair o' Dice (live)
    9. Spanish Eyes (live)
    10. A Song for Don (live)
  • Backwater (1978) Live from the Heart of Dixie/North Of The Mason-Dixon. Bongwater Records BONG-004
    1. Ascension (live)
    2. Mixed Emotions (live)
    3. Put It Where You Want It (live)
    4. Bean N' Bud Buzz (live)
    5. Keep That Same Old Feelin' (live)
    6. Chameleon (live)
    7. Gimme That Wine (live)
    8. Little Sunflower (live)
  • Backwater (1978) "Punk Jazz" 7" EP. Bongwater Records (sold with BONG-004 LP)
    1. A Bong For Don
    2. Punx


  • "Backwater to present concert on Tuesday." (November 11, 1976) The Alabamian (University of Montevallo), p. 2

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