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Bayview Lake is an artificial lake on Village Creek, which was impounded by Bayview Dam in 1910 to create a 3.5 billion gallon reservoir of industrial water which was pumped four miles southeast to U.S. Steel's Ensley Works. The dam was constructed just above Venison Branch, subsuming the former outfalls of Corbet Branch and Camp Branch.

According to writer Mary Gordon Duffee, the banks of Camp Branch were a popular camping site by Native Americans, possibly as a base from which to mine silver from the nearby headwaters of Lost Creek to the west.

The 440-acre lake was connected to the Central Water Works' pump station at Edgewater by a half-mile long concrete-lined intake tunnel.

A 15-ounce green sunfish caught at Bayview Lake in 1985 held the state record until 2005.

The Bayview Bridge carries Mulga Loop Road over the lake just south of Village Creek. Since the 1940s there have been stories that the bridge is haunted by a ghostly bride. The bridge was replaced in 1977, but the stories persist.

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