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The Bent Rail Foundation (or Bent Railroad Foundation) was an outgrowth of the underground graffiti zine Bent. After publishing several issues of Bent, they tapped into the growing cadre of freight-train graffiti enthusiasts.

The zine evolved into Bent Rail Foundation for its fifth issue in 1998. In 2000 the group resurrected efforts to produce a video. The result was the well-received Hellbent, a videotape which paired the music of local punk bands with footage of rolling graffiti. In an effort to boost distribution for both parties, the band Plate Six, led by guitarist Daryl Jacks, joined up and self-released three records under the foundation's label.

Music soon became the primary business of the foundation. David Hickox joined the fledgling label, which represented a diverse group of bands such as Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death, Gainer, and Dan Sartain. A flurry of releases followed during 2003 and 2004 with a distribution deal from Southern Records. Since the last Plate Six record in 2005 the label has been relatively inactive.


  • Bent01: Plate Six (7"), 2001
  • Bent02: Hellbent Vol. 1, VHS, 2001
  • Bent03: Plate Six/Spanish Boat Patrol (7"), 2002
  • Bent04: Plate Six, Operation: Chair Sit, September 2002
  • Bent05: Hellbent Vol. 2, VHS, December 2002
  • Bent06: Death or El Dona/Photograph, 7", October 2003
  • Bent07: Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death, s/t, August 2003
  • Bent08: Gainer, You Say it Like It's a Bad Thing..., December 2003
  • Bent09: Model Citizen, The Inner Fool, May 2004
  • Bent10: Dan Sartain, 7", September 2004
  • Bent11: Two Tears, CD, October 2004
  • Bent12: Plate Six, Battle Hymns for a New Republic, September 2005

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