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BhamWiki is an evolving general resource and compendium, rather than an original or authoritative source for information. In order for BhamWiki to be useful for research, the sources for all content should be indicated. There are many ways to accomplish this requirement, and the guidelines for citation will no doubt evolve along with the project. As a starting point, the following practices are encouraged:

  • Cite books, magazine and newspaper articles, websites and other published sources using the APA style for citations.
  • Link online resources with both the URL and the date that you made use of the reference.
  • Orient the reader to physical locations, objects, or persons referenced in the text so that your observations can be directly verified.
  • Avoid purely personal recollections which can not be verified by others and conclusions which could be reasonably disputed from the evidence at hand. (See Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:Neutral Point of View for lengthy discussion of these principles in use.)

Any style of citation may be used to comply with this requirement. It is easier to reformat inconsistent bibliographic style than to relocate unreported sources. Typically, superscripted references in the text keyed to a References section are the simplest way to provide this information. Special templates and formatting for hotlinked footnotes and annotations may also be used.