Birmingham Commercial Development Authority

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The Birmingham Commercial Development Authority (formally the Commercial Development Authority of the city of Birmingham) is a public authority established by law in 1980 to partner with the City of Birmingham, "to create economic development opportunities that expand the tax base of the city." Specifically, the law enables the authority to acquire, own, and lease property for the purpose of inducing commercial enterprises to relocate to the city or expand operations. The enabling legislation exempts the authority from laws requiring competitive bids for public contracts. Projects undertaken by Commercial Development Authorities are intended to be "self-liquidating".

The five members of the Authority are appointed by the Birmingham City Council to serve 4-year terms, with a limit of two terms. Members must be qualified voters of the city. Public officials of the state, county or city are ineligible to serve on the authority. The authority, in turn, appoints one member to the Birmingham Region Community Investment Cooperative District.

The Birmingham Commercial Development Authority underwrote the development of the CrossPlex Village retail center adjoining the Birmingham CrossPlex at Five Points West.