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The Burnett Building was a commercial building constructed in 1912 by R. D. Burnett for his R. D. Burnett Cigar & Candy Store on Lot 16 of Block 87, at 1816–1818 2nd Avenue North. At the time, Burnett, a former Alderman, also owned the Florence Hotel across the street.

The building was designed by Harry B. Wheelock of Wheelock & Wheelock, and incorporated decorative tiles manufactured by the New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company. The company's records document at cream, green, blue, brown and buff color scheme.

The upper floor of the building was rented out to various clubs and civic groups as Cable Hall. From 1913 to 1919 the Alabama Equal Suffrage Association sold coffee for a penny a cup and provided a comfortable furnished space where office girls could spend their lunch hour and learn about the movement.



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