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100 block of North Chalkville Road looking north, January 2013

Chalkville Road is an approximately 5-mile stretch of Jefferson County Road 10 through Trussville, Grayson Valley, And Clay.

County Highway 10 begins at the Jefferson - St Clair County line and continues northward as Roper Road. It becomes South Chalkville Road at the Queenstown Road intersection. At the Main Street intersection it continues due north as North Chalkville Road through the Cahaba Project. Just south of Interstate 59 it turns to the northwest. After it crosses the interstate bridge, the road continues to the northwest as Chalkville Road. This stretch, which traverses Chalkville Mountain, was previously named Chalkville Mountain Road. The road continues through Grayson Valley and Clay until the Old Springville Road intersection, where it continues northwesterly as Sweeney Hollow Road.

In 2013, Trussville's downtown master plan called for the removal of buildings between Linden Street and Main Street, creating a dedicated turn lane from the Vann Circle intersection of southbound Chalkville Road on to the eastbound lanes of Main Street (U. S. Highway 11), and aligning Linden with the access road to the Trussville CIty Schools Central Office. Negotiations began that fall to acquire the land necessary for the turn lane.

During 2014, the roadbed of North Chalkville Road from the Rockridge Road/Poplar Street intersection southward to Hewitt Street was rebuilt entirely at a cost of $517,911.43 by Dunn Construction. Sidewalks and gutters were also repaired.

Notable locations

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North Chalkville Road

South Chalkville Road


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