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Culinard: The Culinary Institute of Virginia College is a culinary arts program offered by Virginia College at 426 Palisades Boulevard and in several other Southern cities. The program offers a 36-week course culminating with a diploma or certificate in culinary arts, and an additional 24-week program in pastry arts. Students can go on to complete an associates degrees in applied science with a major in culinary and pastry arts.

Pastry chef Susan Notter became executive director in 2002. The current program director for the Birmingham location is Jared Danks.

The program was founded in 2001 at 195 Vulcan Road in West Oxmoor, where it also operated The Restaurant at Culinard and, later, the Culinard Café at Innovation Depot. Both have since closed.

Virginia College operates a second Culinard location in Jacksonville, Florida and has announced plans to operate a third in Mobile.


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