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The Drive-By Truckers are a rock band, launched in 1996 in Birmingham and now based in Athens, Georgia. The group is led by Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. The current line-up includes guitarist Jason Isbell, bassist Shonna Tucker and drummer Brad Morgan.


  • A Blessing and a Curse, 2006, New West Records
  • The Dirty South, 2004, New West Records
  • Decoration Day, 2003, New West Records
  • Southern Rock Opera, (double album) 2000, Soul Dump Records (rereleased 2002 on Lost Highway Records)
  • Alabama Ass Whuppin, 2000, Second Heaven Records (rereleased 2002 on Terminus Records)
  • Pizza Deliverance, 1999, Soul Dump Records
  • Gangstabilly, 1998, Soul Dump Records
  • "Bulldozers and Dirt" / "Nine Bullets" (single), 1998, Soul Dump Records

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  • Winfrey, Daisy. (November 24, 2005) "Southern Rock Odyssey: The Drive-By Truckers celebrate 20 years of homecoming." Birmingham Weekly.

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