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The Druid City Brewing Company is a Tuscaloosa-based brewery located in the Parkview Shopping Center on 14th Street and was founded by Elliott Roberts and Bo Hicks. The Tuscaloosa Zoning Board of Adjustment approved their application on June 26, 2012, in order to operate out of the Parkview location. When Druid City started selling their beers, they became the first brewery to operate in Tuscaloosa since the closure of Barrett's Brewpub in 1999. Their logo was inspired by and features a likeness of the Moon Winx Lodge sign in Alberta City. On June 29, 2013, Druid City opened a taproom in their former office in Tuscaloosa. Their beers are sold at various bars and restaurants throughout Tuscaloosa and at J. Clyde and Hop City in Birmingham.


Standard offerings

  • Dragon’s Breath Double IPA (debuted December 2012)
  • Riverside Saison (debuted December 2012)
  • Snow’s Bend Harvest Ale (debuted December 2012)

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