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Dungan Nequette Architects was an architecture firm founded on February 14, 1999 by Jeff Dungan and Louis Nequette. Originally working out of Nequette's sunroom, the firm moved to the former Dr Pepper Syrup Plant, in Pepper Place and later to a renovated office at 1906 Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook's English Village. The partners split in late 2015, establishing independent offices as Jeffrey Dungan Architects and Nequette Architecture & Design.

Dungan and Nequette met while both were working at the Garrison Barrett Group. The firm's first two commissions were the designs for the fire station at Mt Laurel and another at The Narrows, both in Shelby County. Both projects helped set the tone for the architectural style to follow in both communities and led to many more projects for the young firm.

In 2003, after finding themselves dissatisfied with the manner in which custom homes designed by the firm were being furnished, Dungan and Nequette founded Tracery Interiors as a complement to the firm's architectural work. Tracery provided interior design services, home furnishings and also operated a retail store located in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Tracery operated as a separate entity, providing consultation services to Dungan Nequette Architects as well as working independently on projects.

Another offshoot of Dungan Nequette, called The G Brand, offers branding and product and environment design services. ActionSportsArt, a producer of sports-themed digital collage prints, operates as part of The G Brand.

Notable projects


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