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The Railroad Park Foundation (formerly Friends of the Railroad District or FoRRd) is a non-profit organization, formed in October 2001 to bring together community leaders for the purpose of revitalizing the area along Birmingham's Railroad Reservation and to raise funds for the eventual development the Railroad Reservation Park and a linear greenway stretching across downtown from east to west and providing pedestrian connections north and south across the tracks.

Giles Perkins was the founding president of the Friends of the Railroad District. FoRRd's initial board of directors was led by Bob Greene and Susan Lipscomb Sutton and included Elizabeth Barbaree-Tasker, Brooke Tanner Battle, Richard Carnaggio, Doug Hale, Barr Linton, Dean Nix, David Pearson, and Cynthia Schreiber.

The current executive director is Camille Spratling and Jim Emison is president of the board of directors. Current board members include Troy Haas, W. John Daniel, Kay Bains, Deontée Gordon, Dwight Julbert, Tim Blair, Steven Chapman, Eleanor Griffin, L. Waymond Jackson Jr, John Jones III, Jeff Logan, Charles Long, Thomas Longino, William Parker, Javan Patton, Jessica Payne, Carole Smitherman, Goodloe White and Stephen Yoder.

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