George N. Sarris

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This page is about the owner of Sarris Café in Pelham, for the owner of the Fish Market, see George Sarris.

George N. Sarris (born July 14, 1944 in Tsitalia, Greece; died December 15, 2014 in Birmingham) was the owner of Sarris Cafe in Pelham.

George was the son of Nick Sarris, a cook in the Greek Navy who was hired as personal chef to King Paul of Greece. The family immigrated to the United States in 1966. Sarris began working for his uncle, Phil Hontzas, at Niki's Restaurant on 2nd Avenue North. Later that year, he and his uncle opened Sarris Restaurant on 31st Street North. Sarris turned that restaurant over to his brother, Angelo in 1972 and opened a new Sarris Steak and Seafood in Homewood with another brother, Kostas.

The restaurant closed when its lease expired in 1991. George and Kostas opened a new Sarris Café in Hoover in 1992, then moved it to its present location in Pelham in 2005.

Sarris died in December 2014, leaving his share in the café to Kostas, whose twin sons, Nicholas and Christopher will eventually take over.


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