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Glennon F. Threatt, Jr (born 1957 in Birmingham) is a criminal defense attorney. He is working to establish a public defender system for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama and serves as resource counsel for the court's Criminal Justice Act panel.

Threatt was identified as a gifted student in 1966 while in the fourth grade at Wilkerson School. He was placed in an enrichment program at Washington Elementary School and from there was selected as one of three students that would integrate Elyton Elementary School the following year. After completing eight grade he became a boarding student at Indian Springs School and in 1974 became the school's third African American graduate.

Threatt has a bachelor of science in political science from Princeton University in 1978 and completed his Juris Doctorate at Howard University in 1981. He was first admitted to the bar in Colorado in 1984.

In 2009 Threatt assisted Mike Rasmussen in unsuccessfully defending former Jefferson County Commission president Larry Langford on federal bribery and corruption charges.


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