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The Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (sometimes called the Birmingham Housing Authority) is the public agency responsible for administering Birmingham's public housing projects as well as Section 8 vouchers for low-income renters in the city. The authority's headquarters office is located at 1826 3rd Avenue South. It is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of Birmingham to staggared terms. The board appoints an executive director for administration of programs. Dontrelle Foster currently serves in that position on an interim basis.

The board was first incorporated in 1935 and first acted as the city's authority in implementing provisions of the Housing Act of 1937.

In February 2014, shortly after the board voted to fire Truman, Birmingham mayor William Bell appointed Cardell Davis to take the seat on the board occupied by chairman Charles Townsend. With Truman's firing held up by judicial order, the change gave her supporters the three votes necessary to rescind the dismissal.

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  • Bryant, Joseph D. (February 6, 2014) "Fireworks at Birmingham Housing Authority Board as executive director rehired, mayhem, arrests follow." The Birmingham News

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