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Huffstutler's Hardware is a Homewood hardware store located at 2732 Central Avenue that was founded by Tom Huffstutler, Sr in 1935. For nearly 50 years, it was located where SoHo Square now stands.


The store was started at 2829-2831 18th Street. In 1937, it moved around the corner to 1810 29th Avenue. In 1974 ownership of the store was transferred to Huffstutler's son, Tom Huffstutler, Jr and his wife, Jean. Around 1964, the store hired Robert Tyler, who, at 90 years old, was still working there in 2007. In the 1980s, the store became associated with national chain Ace Hardware. This gave the store greater buying power and name recognition.

The Huffstutlers owned most of the block on which their store stood. When approached by the developers of SoHo Square in the 2000s, they were willing to negotiate, saying the project would bring more shoppers into Homewood and, therefore, be good for their business as well. They sold the land in exchange for an unspecified lump sum payment and the building the store is currently located in. The building also houses Huff Rental, started by Jean Huffstutler in 1988. Ace Hardware, however, was looking for more uniformity in their stores and said the new location was too small. The Huffstutlers opted to continue business without the Ace name.

The Huffstutlers' son, Todd Huffstutler, who has is a licensed lawyer, plans to open a family law practice in the Huffstutler's Hardware building by 2012. This is in addition to running the hardware store after his parents retire.


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