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Portrait of Hugh Morrow from his 1961 obituary
Portrait of Hugh Morrow c. 1904 courtesy BPL Archives

Hugh Morrow Sr (born May 19, 1873 in Birmingham; died September 6, 1960 in Birmingham) was a Birmingham attorney, state senator, and president of the Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Company in 1925.

Morrow was the son of Judge John C. and Mary Morrow. He grew up in Birmingham and attended the public schools, where his achievements allowed him to enter the University of Alabama as a sophomore. He earned his bachelor of arts and doctor of laws at Alabama in 1893 and 1894 respectively. While a student he excelled as a pitcher for the Crimson Tide baseball team and also worked as an English instructor.

He returned to Birmingham to practice law and served as assistant to Jefferson County Solicitor Lee Bradley from 1896 to 1899. After Bradley left that office, he and Morrow became partners in the firm of Bradley & Morrow, which later merged into Walker, Tillman, Campbell & Morrow.

In 1900 Morrow was elected to a four-year term in the Alabama State Senate, representing Jefferson County and appointed chair of the judiciary committee. He was elected to a second term in 1911.

He represented the group of investors who purchased the Sloss Iron & Steel Company from founder Colonel James Withers Sloss in 1885. He was elected president of Sloss-Sheffield in 1925 and under his leadership the original furnaces were updated with new equipment in 1926 and the company was sold to U.S. Pipe in 1942.

In 1954 Morrow was one of the founders of the American States' Rights Association, which sponsored racist radio programs hosted by Asa Carter on WILD-AM.

Morrow married the former Margaret Smith on June 9, 1897 and had three daughters: Katherine, Mary and Margaret. The family resided at 2800 11th Court South.

Morrow died at home after a long illness in September 1960. He was buried at Elmwood Cemetery.

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