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Jason Bailey Mandolbug album cover

Jason Bailey (born c. 1977) is a songwriter and mandolin player with three solo albums to his credit.

Bailey received his first mandolin as a gift from his dad from a garage sale when he was 18. He quickly became deeply interested in mandolin music and pursued a bachelor's degree in music at Maryville College, graduating in 1999. He is a regular performer and session player in Birmingham and has played at City Stages and Do Dah Day as well as other regional festivals.

He has also performed with Shillelagh Law, Three Man Stone, the Bluegrass Cartel, Stuart McNair and Tonal Vision. His Jason Bailey Band has included Marcus Buckner, Carlos Piño and Todd Brasher. He has collaborated with folk singer Lolly Lee under the name "Sugar Mama and the Poolboy". Bailey has also performed with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and other groups.

Bailey's recordings of original songs and covers, made at Synchromesh and Boutwell Studios, have been released on his own Joots Music label.

Bailey also teaches classes in mandolin at Fretted Instruments in Homewood.


  • Tonal Vision (2000) Odd Times
  • Tonal Vision (2001) Time of Calling
  • Three Man Stone (2002) Weathered
  • Jason Bailey (2003) Southwood. Joots Music
  • Jason Bailey (2006) September in the South. Joots Music
  • Jason Bailey (2010) Mandolbug. Joots Music


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