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Jody Trautwein

Jody Lee Trautwein (born August 1970 in Birmingham) is the youth pastor at Point of Grace Church and former executive director of the Alabama Coalition Against Same-Sex Marriage. Trautwein appeared in the 2009 film Brüno. and was a candidate in the 2009 Birmingham mayoral election.

Trautwein was born at Baptist Medical Center Montclair and is the youngest of three brothers and a 1988 graduate of Huffman High School. He completed a business management degree with an emphasis on finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1995. Inspired by hearing an anti-evolution speech he applied as a substitute teacher and coach at his former high school, where he led twice-daily devotional services which grew into the "Passion for Purpose" program distributed by his non-profit Joshua Generation, Inc.. Later he taught at Cathedral Christian School and became an agent for Liberty National Life Insurance Company. He was involved in the ministry of Cathedral of the Cross from 1994 to 2005, then directed the School of Ministry at Mercy Sear Ministries before joining Point of Grace in 2008.

After being contacted in January 2009 about appearing in a German documentary, Trautwein agreed to come to a Huntsville home for a staged "counseling session" with the "Brüno" character. As they spoke Trautwein explained that faith in Christ can help individuals overcome homosexual tendencies and asked the star if he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen (portraying the character) responded by asking if Trautwein was hitting on him. Trautwein was offended by Cohen's barrage of "vile, repulsive" questions, but is heartened that, even after heavy editing, his witness for Christ did make the final film. He was pleased that the message reached viewers who otherwise may not have been exposed to the gospel.

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As a mayoral candidate Trautwein pledged to bring honesty and integrity to the mayor's office and to make sure that the city abided by its approved budget. He also hoped to implement tax breaks for businesses, provide more resources to police, and improve educational opportunities in city schools. He finished 7th of 14 candidates, garnering 173 of the 34,931 votes cast.

Trautwein is engaged to be married in March 2010.


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