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Julie Oliver in 1992

Julie Oliver Gentry (born January 23, 1973 in Birmingham) was a cast member of MTV's The Real World reality television series in its first season.

Julie was the last of seven children born to John W. (Jack) Oliver Jr and Dorothy Wainwright Oliver.

Julie appeared in the first season of the series, filmed in New York City in 1992. The series focuses on placing seven strangers in a house and watching what happens. The original biographical blurb about Julie emphasized her youth and inexperience with the "Real World" outside Alabama. When they first met the other cast members assumed she would be a close-minded racist, but she proved to be open and engaging and became close friends with fellow cast member Eric.

The Real World is still on the air, and that first season set the stage for many other American reality television series. Julie returned to Birmingham after the show, and married Joshua Gentry in 1998. They have two children. She has appeared on Real World reunion shows, but has not participated in "challenge" shows, where former cast members compete for cash and prizes.

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