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L. R. Hall Auditorium in August 2008

The L. R. (Dick) Hall Auditorium is a 500-seat auditorium located in the A. G. Gaston Building at 424 16th Street North. The Gaston Building is an office building constructed in 1960 by business magnate A. G. Gaston in the Historic 4th Avenue District. The building, named for Louis Richard Hall, was designed in the international style by a firm from St Louis, Missouri. It is currently owned by Dr Richard Walker.

The auditorium was in use during the Civil Rights Movement, but Gaston became reluctant for it to be used for movement events. Martin Luther King, Jr spoke there, but a scheduled performance by Al Hibbler, a blind singer who traveled from New Jersey to support the movement for Civil Rights, was canceled hours before it was to have begun. (Huntley & Montgomery - 2004 and Eskew - 1997)

A 2003 renovation commissioned by SouthPace Properties preserved the building's original style while updating its commercial spaces. The renovation was designed by Bob Moody and carried out by Charles & Vinzant.

In Spring 2007 the Auditorium became the home of the Ebenezer Victory Empowerment Church. In addition to weddings and youth rallies, the L. R. Hall Auditorium hosts frequent late-night events organized by Fresh Affairs Entertainment and others. In 2009 and early 2010 it was the home of The Rock Church.

The dedication ceremony for the opening of the A. G. Gaston Building was held in the L. R. Hall Auditorium
Mrs L. R. Hall is shown the dedicatory plaque by A. G. Gaston in 1960

Controversy over youth parties

In December 2001 the issue of "teenage parties" occurring at the auditorium came before the City Council when a license to serve alcohol for special events was approved. During a hearing the Council heard testimony from Arthur Shores Lee and from representatives of the auditorium, who said that they had placed a moratorium on youth parties until complaints could be addressed. (Reynolds - 2001)

At the July 15 and August 19, 2008 meetings of the Birmingham City Council, Mayor Larry Langford complained about out-of-control youth at the location, requiring heavy police response. In the August meeting he called the hall a public nuisance and asked the city to have it shut down, predicting that "this is another Banana Joe's in the making." (Bryant - 2008)

In response, Walker said that he would no longer allow teen parties at the auditorium. Langford welcomed the offer, but said his license should still be revoked for past behavior. After a public hearing, the Birmingham City Council agreed and asked Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Mike Graffeo to issue a restraining order to prevent the hall from being used.

Graffeo's temporary ruling allowed the auditorium to continue operating under the condition that parties for teenagers and high-schoolers were prohibited, a weekly schedule of events had to be given to city officials, and off-duty police officers had to be hired for security during events. Walker claimed to have abided by all those stipulations, but a fatal stabbing during a May 2011 event at the auditorium led the City Council to resume deliberations over the fate of the venue. On June 28 they voted, 8-0, to again declare the hall a public nuisance and revoke Walker's license to operate it as a business.


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