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This is a List of Birmingham homicides in 2019. It includes homicide cases occurring within the city limits during the calendar year. Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the commission of the crime of murder as charged by police and prosecutors.

26 homicides have been reported in the city as of March 18, putting the city on pace for 123 for the year. Based on the 2017 census estimate of 210,710 population, that represents a homicide rate of 58.4 homicides per 100,000 residents. Birmingham had 109 homicides in 2018. The recent record low of 62 homicides was set in 2014, and the recent record high was 141 in 1992. At this point last year, 24 homicides had been reported.

The city has averaged 10.0 homicides per month, or one every 3.0 days. There were 9 incidents in January, 11 in February and 6 so far in March. The longest stretch without a homicide was the 8-day span between February 5 and 13. Five deaths were reported on Sundays, 1 on a Monday, 3 on Tuesdays, 6 on Wednesdays, 2 on Thursdays, 7 on Fridays, and 2 on Saturdays.

Four of the reported homicides were ruled justifiable as self-defense by investigators or prosecutors. One other took place at the Jefferson County Jail outside the city's jurisdiction. The police department therefore acknowledges 21 chargeable homicides. Suspects have been identified in 12 of those cases, arrested in 11 and charged in 10.

At least 21 deaths resulted from shootings, one from an automobile collision while fleeing a shooting, and one from bodily assault. The cause of three others were not publicized. 12 incidents occurred on the streets, one at an apartment complex, one in a jail cell, two at a nightclub, 2 at businesses, 4 in private homes, and 4 in yards or driveways. Ten were reported in the West Precinct, 10 in the East Precinct, 1 in the South Precinct and 5 in the North Precinct. One death occurred during a police pat-down, two during attempted robberies, three during domestic arguments, one during an attempted break-in, two as a result of targeted assaults, 5 occurred during sudden disputes, and two are believed to have been the result of random violence. The motive is unknown in the other 10 deaths.

24 victims were male and 2 were female.

Listing by date

  1. January 1: Earl Lee Evans Jr, 57, was found shot to death in the yard of a vacant house at 2721 Avenue C in Ensley. He lived next door with his mother. No arrest. (report)
  2. January 3: Carltez Clark, 28, was driven to the Birmingham Police Department East Precinct in Roebuck where he was pronounced dead after being shot while riding with his girlfriend on Parkway East. The shooting is believed to have been random, matching another car-to-car shooting which took place 10 minutes earlier on Old Springville Road. No arrest. (report)
  3. January 5: Charles Reese, 46, died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered on the 2500 block of 16th Street in Ensley. Roderick King was arrested two weeks later and charged with murder. (report)
  4. January 13: WyTasha Carter, 44, a Birmingham Police Sergeant, was shot to death while attempting to pat down a suspect in a rash of car burglaries. He and another officer, Lucas Allums, confronted two suspects outside the 4 Seasons Bar & Grill on the 900 block of 5th Avenue North. Allums was critically injured by gunshot. One suspect, Jeremy Elwin Owens, was hit by return fire and another was taken into custody, but later released without charges. Owens was charged with murder on January 25. (report)
  5. January 18: Brandon Joel Franklin, 44, was found dead behind a home at 7327 2nd Avenue South in East Lake. No arrest. (report)
  6. January 23: Sebastian Earl Clark, 57, was found shot to death on the 100 block of Thomas Circle in Thomas. Investigators determined that he had been breaking into the house when he was shot by the owner. No charges were filed. (report)
  7. January 25: LaQuintin Deon "LL Deon" Wright, 29, was one of two men killed in a shootout at the G M Lounge at 3813 Richard Arrington Jr Boulevard North in East Birmingham. No arrest. (report)
  8. January 25: JaGorren Jimmie Kelly, 33, was pronounced dead at UAB Hospital from wounds suffered in the same incident.
  9. January 28: Jeremy Lavender, 24, died from injuries suffered when his car struck a support for the I-59 overpass at Oporto-Madrid Boulevard North. His car had been hit by a gunshot and he apparently lost control while fleeing the scene of a shooting. A number of shell casings were recovered from the vicinity of Oporto-Madrid and 4th Avenue South. His death was investigated as a homicide. (report)
  10. February 2: Christopher Lawson, 36, was shot to death after a party on the 6100 block of Grove Avenue in Roosevelt. Anthony Marcell Mosley was arrested 10 days later and charged with murder. (report)
  11. February 5: Ricardo Phillip Watkins, 21, was found shot to death on the 1600 block of 1st Avenue South, adjacent to Railroad Park. No arrest. (report)
  12. February 13: Princeton Jamarco Swain, 28, was found shot to death on the 1100 block of 14th Street North in Fountain Heights. Another person was injured by gunshot and taken to UAB Hospital. J. C. Hrabowski was arrested and charged with capital murder and attempted murder. (report)
  13. February 14: Napolean January, 32, died at UAB Hospital from injuries he suffered in a November 9, 2018 shooting on the 7500 block of 67th Courtway South in Gate City's Marks Village housing project. Melvin Akeem Taylor had been charged with attempted murder, which was later upgraded to a murder charge. (report)
  14. February 20: Ledarius Jaquad Peterson, 23, an inmate at the Jefferson County Jail awaiting trial for capital murder for the 2017 death of Shunoah Turner, died from injuries suffered in an assault in his cell. The other inmate has not yet been charged. (report)
  15. February 22: Wanya’ Letrec Conner, 19, was shot to death when gunfire broke out during a gathering at 1121 Carnation Drive in Killough Springs. Desmond Ray Jones, who was also wounded in the incident, was arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)
  16. February 22: Javian Stone, 20, died at St Vincent's East from gunshot wounds suffered during the same incident.
  17. February 24: Deanthony Amari Cooper-Cain, 23, was pronounced dead at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered while he was riding in a car on the 400 block of Avenue W in Central Pratt. The driver was also wounded. No arrest. (report)
  18. February 26: Marco Devonta Robinson, 41, was shot to death during an apparent robbery attempt on the 1200 block of Daniel Drive in Green Acres. Investigators determined that the shooting was justified. (report)
  19. February 27: Ronald Grant Jr, 39, was fatally wounded by gunshot during a domestic argument on the 4000 block of 43rd Avenue North in Inglenook. The suspected shooter was taken into custody at the scene, but released when it was determined that she had fired in self-defense. (report)
  20. February 27: James Earl Hunter, 52, was found dead after a fight with a family member at 1505 52nd Street in Central Park. A suspect was taken into custody at the scene, but released after investigators determined that the shooting was justifiable. (report)
  21. March 3: Jennifer Marie Lane, 31, was pronounced dead at St Vincent’s East from injuries received in a domestic fight at a home on the 800 block of 82nd Street South in South East Lake. Xavier Scott, who brought her to the hospital was arrested at the scene and later charged with murder. (report)
  22. March 10: Octavia Dortch, 45, was shot to death in her car outside the Arlington Rehabilitation & HealthCare Center at 1020 Tuscaloosa Avenue Southwest in Oakwood Place. Michael Damon Daniels, driving a vehicle that matched descriptions of a suspect vehicle, was taken into custody after a chase and charged with capital murder. (report)
  23. March 10: Gregory Snodgrass, 28, was shot to death at the BP gas station at 2100 Montevallo Road Southwest in Mason City. Michael Damon Daniels, driving a vehicle that matched descriptions of a suspect vehicle, was taken into custody after a chase and charged with capital murder. He is believed to have initiated the confrontation by blocking Snodgrass' car before shooting him repeatedly. (report)
  24. March 13: Derrick Dwayne Daniels, 44, was dead on arrival to UAB Hospital after being wounded in a drive-by shooting at 626 Delta Street in South Titusville. No arrest. (report)
  25. March 14: Paul Gabriel Harris Jr, 33, was shot to death at 23rd Street and 9th Avenue South adjacent to the Southtown Court housing project in Southside. No arrest. (report)
  26. March 15: Rodregous Gurley, 39, was pronounced dead at UAB Hospital from wounds suffered in a shooting on the 200 block of 51st Street North in Woodlawn. The suspect, Imani Means, had reported the incident as a robbery. She was charged with murder. (report)


A vigil for LL Deon Wright, one of the victims of the shootout at the G M Lounge, was held at Hughes' Black Diamond just up the street on February 1. On February 28 Mayor Randall Woodfin announced a city-wide "#IncreasePeace" campaign to help get residents involved in working together to decrease gun violence. The campaign promotes neighborhood watch and block watch efforts, first-aid training, predictive policing and a police cadet program. Jefferson County Department of Health official Mark Wilson also pledged to support the city's efforts to combat gun violence as a public health crisis.

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