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This is a List of homicides in 2006 including the entire Birmingham area. At least 163 homicides were reported in the region during 2006. Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the commission of the crime of murder as charged by prosecutors.

Note that this listing is incomplete.

Chilton County

  • Isaac Dedarge Bulger, 20, was shot in his vehicle in Clanton. Kowosky Tywan Christian and Christopher Iman Ulmer were arrested and charged with murder. Ulmer pleaded guilty to manslaughter and Christian to hindering prosecution. (report)

Etowah County

  • April 15: Cornell Norwood, 23 months, was brought to Children's Hospital in Birmingham with injuries that proved fatal. Ronnie Lynn Kirksey, Norwood's mother's boyfriend who lived with them in Gadsden's Colley Homes, was charged convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. That sentence has been appealed and the case remanded by the U.S. Supreme Court to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals for reconsideration. (report)
  • August 24: Jason Snyder was chased down and shot to death following a fight with Edward Lavar King. Snyder had stabbed King before King pulled out a pistol. After wounding Snyder, King stood over him and fired twice into the back of his head at point-blank range. King was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 80 years in prison. (report)
  • December 5: Geontae "Gee" Glass, 5, was found beaten to death in his mother's car parked at her boyfriend's apartment in Rainbow City. The boyfriend, Kevin André Towles, was convicted of capital murder in and sentenced to death. On April 1, 2013 the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the conviction based on improper testimony from Towles' older son. Their decision was upheld by the Alabama Supreme Court in September 2014, resulting in a new trial. (report)

Jefferson County

There were at least 151 homicides in Jefferson County in 2006. The homicide rate for the county, based on the 2005 census estimate of 657,229 population, was 21.8 homicides per 100,000 population for the year. The county had 143 homicides in 2005. Jefferson County averaged 12.6 homicides per month, or one every 2.55 days.


  • 109 homicides (list)

Unincorporated Jefferson County

  • 15 homicides
    • April 5: William Bevis, a crossing guard, was hit and killed by a car while directing traffic at Chalkville Elementary School. Kimberly Humphrey, 26, was arrested in Cedar Groves, Florida on April 19, 2007 on an outstanding warrant issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. [1]
    • June 7: Duran Richardson, 21, was found dead in a burning car at Lowe Town Park. Willie Lee Abercrombie, who believe Richardson had informed others of his drug dealings, was arrested and charged with capital murder in 2007. In September 2009 Adrian DeWayne Scott confessed to participating in the murder when re-interviewed by detectives. He was subsequently charged. [2]
    • August 25: Linda Morgan, 59, a retired Jefferson County Sheriff's Office secretary, was found beaten to death in her home on the 4800 block of Bob Brill Road in McCalla. Three days earlier deputies responded to a call of a prowler at her home. Jason Rucker, then 27, who was present when they arrived, but was not apprehended. Prosecutors claimed he remained there, killed Morgan and stole prescription medications and credit cards from her home. He was charged with capital murder and convicted after more than a day of deliberations in the court of Teresa Petelos. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. [3]
    • October 13: Alfred McKinney, 29, shot during a robbery in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 1000 block of Florentine Circle in a section of unincorporated Jefferson County in Huffman. Jamari Lewis and Matthew Coleman, both 17, were charged with capital murder but pleaded guilty to felony murder and were each sentenced to 20 years. A 15-year-old girl was charged as an accomplice. [4]


11 homicides

  • January: Tasha Brown, 26, shot multiple times and dumped at a convenience store on 9th Avenue. Courtney Townsend and Melvin Lloyd were arrested and charged. Townsend was found not-guilty in September 2007 and Lloyd's charges were dropped. (report)
  • March 8: Kenneth Eugene Webb, 54, was struck by a gray Cadillac while riding his motorcycle at 5th Avenue and Dunbar Court. No arrest. A $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction has been offered by the Governor's office. (report)
    • August 21: Linda Morgan, 60, found dead in home on Bob Brill Road. A $5,000 reward has been offered by the Governor's office for information leading to a conviction. (report)
  • October: Derrick Harris killed in a gunfight at the Cutting Edge Barbershop in the 2300 block of 9th Avenue. Jere Cadell was convicted of murder and sentenced to life. (report)
  • November 27: Ruben Benegas, 28, shot on 1300 block of 24th Street North after a drug dispute. Milton Durrell Watts charged was charged with capital murder. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 5 years. (report)


  • March 4: Alisha Marie Stevens was beaten to death with a metal pipe while baby-sitting two children at her home. The attack was apparently the result of an argument over a drug purchase. Robert John Burke was charged with capital murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter before going to trial. He was sentenced by Judge Gloria Bahakel in April 2008 to 10 years in prison, with a minimum of 2 served. (report)


  • Mark Anthony Carroll, 30, was shot to death during a robbery at his home on 6th Street Northeast. Anthony Wayne Blackwell, Amanda Shae Moore and Steven Edward Davis were arrested and charged. Blackwell, the shooter, pleaded guilty to felony murder and was sentenced to life without parole. Moore pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years. Davis, who planned the robbery, pleaded guilty to felony murder as well, but he was sentenced to 20 years, of which all but 5 were suspended. Shortly after his release, Davis was arrested for property theft and possession of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty to those charges in 2016 and was given another 5-year prison sentence. He was fatally injured in a fight with guards at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in October 2019. (report)


  • 3 homicides


  • 2 homicides
    • March: Esteban Mendoza was shot during a robbery outside the Mountain View Apartments. Gregory Bester, Terry Lewis and Gregory Jones pleaded guilty to murder. Bester was sentenced to 5 years. Lewis and Jones were sentenced to life in prison. Deangelo Harris was indicted for capital murder, but the charges were dismissed. (report)
    • November 2: Sirrea Black, 20, was found in the trunk of her car behind an abandoned Food World in Bessemer. Justin Matthew White, 19, was arrested and charged. According to investigators he strangled and raped Black in Hoover on Halloween night. He was convicted of capital murder in February 2008 and sentenced to life without parole. (report)


  • 1 homicide
    • October 23: Fairfield police officer Mary Smith was shot in the chest while detaining two suspects. Fellow officer Erick Burpo arrived at the scene soon afterwards and was also wounded by gunfire. Demetrius Jackson, Jr was convicted of capital murder and attempted murder and sentenced to death. (report)


  • 1 homicide


  • 1 homicide
    • September 17: Terry Smith, Sr, 53, was shot to death at his home on Virginia Street in the Lola City community. Acquaintance Bryan Ray Overton, 36, of Leeds was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 year split sentence with 3 years to serve. He was arrested again in November 2011 after carrying an unloaded shotgun into the Easy Money office on Parkway East. During his arrest he damaged a Birmingham Police Department patrol car and threatened officers. Judge Virginia Vinson revoked his probation, requiring him to serve the remainder of his 20-year sentence for murder. He was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced by District Court Judge James Hancock to serve 34 months in federal prison. (report)


  • 2 homicides
    • September 11: Avis Obermeyer, 83, was stabbed 22 times and had her fingers cut off during a robbery at her trailer in the Northgate Mobile Home Estates. Her former neighbors, James Leonard Walker and Andrea Marie Smith were charged with capital murder. Walker pleaded guilty to felony murder and was sentenced to life. Smith pleaded to capital murder in December 2008 and was sentenced to life without parole. (report)
    • November 3: Deana Page was shot 15 times in her pickup truck. Rita Hinkle, her former domestic partner, was convicted of capital murder on December 13, 2007 and sentenced to life without parole. (report)


  • 1 homicide

West Jefferson Prison

  • 1 homicide

Shelby County

  • April: Michael Adrian Edwards, 26, found shot to death at his home at the Cahaba Lakes Apartments in unincorporated Shelby County. Tia Shuntraneke Davis and Roosevelt Ware, Jr were charged with capital murder. Ware pleaded to felony murder in January 2010 and agreed to testify against Davis. She pleaded guilty just prior to her trial that April in exchange for a life sentence. LaKesha Daniels was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution, and is scheduled to plead guilty in May. (report)
  • April: Uleesha Renee Stoner of Shelbyville, Kentucky was also shot while visiting Michael Edwards at his home at the Cahaba Lakes Apartments. (report)

Talladega County

  • July 18: Chelsei Embry was shot and killed during a large altercation at the Westgate Housing Project in Talladega involving several members of her family and members of the Collins family that lived there. Cartravious Collins, then 15, opened fire on the crowd with a .22 revolver, injuring three and killing Embry. Collins was convicted of manslaughter and assault in August 2009 and sentenced to 28 years in prison. (report)

Tuscaloosa County

  • June: Warren Jones, 44, was shot to death at the Bear Creek Trailer Park. Greg Smith, an ex-boyfriend of Jones girlfriend, pleaded guilty to Jones' murder and the to attempting to murder the girlfriend. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. (report)
  • June 22: Jeremy Scott "Scotty" Cockrell, 17, was found dead in the home he shared with his mother in the Biscayne Hills subdivision of Northport. There were signs of forced entry and a white Ford Escort with Jefferson County tags was seen several times in the area. No arrest. (report)
  • October 17: Eddie Lee Porter Jr, 29, was found dead in a car that crashed into a house on the 3400 block of 5th Court in Tuscaloosa. Investigators determined that he had been shot nearby before crashing the car. No arrest. (report)


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