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West side of the Lyons Harrison Research Building

The Lyons Harrison Research Building is a 121-foot tall, 92,000 square foot research facility at 701 19th Street South, part of the UAB Medical Center. The building adjoins and connects to the Zeigler Medical Research Building and the Dentistry Building. A six-story wing spans over 7th Avenue South connecting to the Jefferson Tower. The later Research Bridge connects the Veterans Administration Medical Center to the Lyons Harrison Research Building over 19th Street.

The exterior curtain wall of the "bridge" wing originally contained uniform opaque panels with short clerestory windows above, but some of those panels have been replaced with glass. The building was dedicated originally as the Health Sciences Research Building on December 9, 1960 and renamed on November 19, 1966 to honor the late Champ Lyons and Tinsley Harrison.

A 1969 addition of 116,000 square feet for cardiovascular research was built for $5.4 million. The addition was designed by Davis, Speake and Associates.

In 2020 the University of Alabama Board of Trustees approved the development of plans to renovate and expand the Lyons Harrison Research Building into a 145,000 square-foot Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building. The plan, budgeted at $75 million, includes demolishing the adjacent Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies Building and the Kracke Building. The project was funded in part by a gift from the Altec Styslinger Foundation, along with $5 million pledges from the City of Birmingham and Jefferson County. The system is also seeking $50 million in state funding.


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