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Madge, the Magic City Dragon is an articulated dragon puppet created in 2012 as a mascot for the fun-loving spirit of Birmingham. The project was initiated by artist Carrie Hill and created with help from many artist volunteers, including Allan Woodall, Sarah Miller, Wade Smith, Keith Gugliotto, Veronique Vanblaere, Sherri Ross, Justin Roth, Kelly Roth, Billie Dupree, Mandy Shunnarah, Kristina Visscher, Ana Sullivan, Sophia Sullivan, Tim Poe, Liz Brown, Peggy Gordon, and Sandy Tilt.

The gold-painted papier-mâché head, designed by Woodall and Gugliotto, is 8 feet tall, 6 feet long, and weighs 75 pounds. The body, designed and sewn by Hill, Gordon, Tilt and Miller, is 15-feet long and uses 28 yards of fabric. A 10-foot tail was added, along with a roller wheel for the head and a new set of thick eyelashes, in January 2013. With her tail, Madge is 31 feet long.

Vonblaere led Madge, operated by Gugliotto, Hill, Smith, Miller, Woodall and Kristin Kenning in a parade for Day of the Dead 10 at Bare Hands on November 2, 2012. The dragon was introduced to Mayor William Bell during that event. Since then she has attracted a marching band and a theme song. The troupe has participated in Magic City Dance Walk and the Mercedes Marathon kid's race.


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