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Mayer Electric Supply is a large privately-owned electrical equipment distributor headquartered at 3405 4th Avenue South in Birmingham's Lakeview district with branch offices and showrooms throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

The company was founded in 1930 by Ben and Rosalyn Weil as the Electric Supply Company. During the Great Depression, they were forced to sell the business to Max Mayer. Mayer kept Weil employed managing the company and sold it back to him in 1934. Weil kept Mayer's name for the business as a tribute.

The business passed down to Leonard Weil and then to his son-in-law Charles Collat. Collat's family purchased the remaining stock from the Weil family in 1979. His daughter, Nancy Goedecke, is the current CEO.

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