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The Mayor of Homewood is the elected head of Homewood's city goverment. Originally a part-time position, it became a full-time one in the 1960s.


When Edgewood held a special election to expand to include Grove Park and Rosedale Park and rename itself Homewood in 1926, community leader and attorney Charles Rice was elected as Homewood's first mayor. Rice, known as the "Father of Homewood," bought the land for city hall and helped oversee the start of many other city services. The Great Depression brought financial problems to the young city, however, and W. C. Bryant managed to defeat Rice in 1932. After almost two years in office, however, Bryant resigned after a dispute with the city council. Homewood's City Council President H. McDermott did not wish to take on the mayor's duties and also resigned, leaving council president pro tempore Earl Bloom to become the next mayor, winning re-election twice afterward.

In 1944, council president H. C. Crelly was elected mayor. Crelly led the city through the post-World War II period, running unopposed for reelection in 1948. Then Ray Acton served a single term. Homewood's next mayor, E. G. Walker, was also the city's first full-time mayor. Walker served for three terms.

Then civic leader Robert Waldrop was convinced by friends to run for mayor in 1968. Waldrop planned to serve a single term, but in the end he served six terms, becoming Homewood's longest-serving mayor before finally retiring.

Jim Atkinson served a single term after Waldrop before being defeated by two-term city councilman Barry R. McCulley in a run-off. McCulley served for three terms before being ousted by current mayor and former councilman Scott McBrayer.

List of mayors

  1. Charles Rice (19261932)
  2. W. C. Bryant (19321934, resigned)
  3. Earl Bloom (19341944)
  4. H. C. Crelly (19441952)
  5. Ray Acton (19521956)
  6. E. G. Walker (19561968)
  7. Robert Waldrop (19681992)
  8. Jim Atkinson (19921996)
  9. Barry R. McCulley (19962008)
  10. Scott McBrayer (2008–present)


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