Montevallo Road (Elyton)

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Montevallo Road (Elyton) is a section of the pioneer-era Montevallo Road originating at the trading center of Elyton in Jones Valley. The road led due south from Elyton and merged with another Montevallo Road originating at Irondale at Oxmoor Road. From there the combined road continued along Little Shades Creek toward Brock's Gap and thence toward Montevallo.

The northern end of the historic road, past the split with Lomb Avenue, continues as 4th Avenue Southwest.

The section running past Titusville and Elmwood Cemetery was renamed Martin Luther King, Jr Drive in the 1980s. South of Dennison Avenue in unincorporated Jefferson County the street is named Montevallo Road Southwest until it meets West Valley Avenue and Barber Court and continues south as West Oxmoor Road.