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Morris Benson (born 1902 - died 1995) was a community leader in the Rosedale section of Homewood. He moved into the area in 1921 and constructed his own house on 17th Street South where he raised eight children. Throughout his life he worked continually for the improvement of the area.

For many years he was the only African American member of the Homewood Chamber of Commerce and he was a founding member of Friendship Baptist Church and the Rosedale Civic League. He worked to get utilities and street paving projects in the neighborhood and helped children from around the county benefit from the educational programs at Rosedale School. He became active later in the Rosedale Community Development Corporation.

On October 27, 2008 the Homewood City Council passed an ordinance renaming 17th Street South to "Morris Benson 17th Street South" in his honor.


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