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Cover of the CD, "Mr. President" by Ray Reach

Mr President is a popular song, co-written by Mike Loveless, Joe Sterling and Birmingham musician Ray Reach for the purpose of raising money to benefit homeless people in the United States.

The song was composed and first produced in Dallas, Texas in 1989. George White and Jeff Tokar introduced homelessness activist Joe Sterling to Reach and Loveless, partners in a music production company. They, in turn, enlisted the help of local musicians and facilities including the Dallas Symphony Chorus. Reach and Loveless arranged the piece. Reach played keyboards and performed lead vocals along with Benita Arterberry, Tony Powers and Amy Hahn. Other instrumentalists included guitarist Kim Platko and saxophonist Randy Lee. Engineer Danny Brown assisted the producers with the recording and remixing.

"Mr President" was performed live on HBO's Comic Relief '90 by Natalie Cole and Al Jarreau along with New York City public school choral students and a band directed by saxophonist Tom Scott. A new recording of the song was made in Birmingham in 1993 with choral students from Jefferson County Schools, Chuck Leavell (keyboards), Charlie Hayward (bass), Chuck Tilley (drums), Kelley O'Neal (saxophone), Wayne Perkins (guitar) and help from Front Row Productions and Airwave Productions Group. Proceeds from the recording benefit PATH activities through the JBS Mental Health Authority.

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