Nolan Shivers

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Nolan Shivers (born c.1935) is the longest-serving member of the Birmingham Police Department. Upon retirement on July 31, 2007, Shivers had served the department for 49 years. Beginning his service on July 4, 1958, Shivers served under 8 Birmingham Police Chiefs. He wore Badge #1 for the last 14 years of service. Shivers relenquished the badge, worn by the officer with the most years of service, to Officer Butch Boackle, a 35-year veteran and the only patrol officer currently on the force with more than 30 years.

Shivers is also an avid tournament fisherman, and has been featured on television fishing shows.

In 2005, Shivers recieved a letter of commendation for his years of service from the Alabama Legislature.


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