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Norwood Park is a Birmingham city park located at the western terminus of Norwood Boulevard at 15th Avenue North. It is bounded on the west by the tracks of the Southern Railway, to the east by 28th Street North, and to the south by Kirby Middle School and the Norwood Community Center, which both face 13th Avenue North.

The park land was acquired by the city in the early 1920s, but remained undeveloped, and was not considered part of the network of parks envisioned by the 1924 Olmsted Brothers report, "A Park System for Birmingham" (though the nearby flood plain of Village Creek was recommended for recreational use). The development of park facilities was undertaken in cooperation with the Norwood Exchange Club beginning in 1950. To raise funds for improving the park and a creating the Norwood Exchange Club Recreation Center on 12th Avenue North at 32nd Street, the club hosted annual "Bid for a Kid" barbecues at the park site for the next several years.

In addition to barbecue pits and picnic areas, a baseball field was provided for youth leagues. Teenagers used the park's car lot as a hangout and rock bands played weekly Record Hops hosted by Ron Wayne and Dave Roddy at the adjacent Norwood Armory (now used as the Norwood Community Center).


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