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The Oak Hill Memorial Association was founded in 1913 to preserve and maintain the monuments, grounds, and archived records of Birmingham's Oak Hill Cemetery.

In 1964 the association's president was former Mayor Cooper Green. For the year previous, the Association operated on a budget of $16,515, of which $8,000 was provided by the city as an appropriation. Green requested that the city increase its annual appropriation to $10,000 and also to approve another $3,375 to purchase equipment and make repairs in the following year.

In 2001 the Association expanded its mission to include education and public awareness of the site's historical importance. It began sponsoring an annual "Heritage Day" to invite families and friends of those interred to visit the cemetery for a celebration of shared heritage and to join in with preservation and landscaping projects.

Also in 2001, the Association adopted a new logo, the silhouette of a statue of an angel that was vandalized during the preceding year.

The Association's offices are loated at 1120 19th Street North, at the cemetery's southeast corner. The director, and editor of the Association's quarterly newsletter, The Pioneer, is Stuart Oates. The board is made up of James W. Porter II, Frank Young, Mark Lewis, and Lawrence Greer.


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