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Oz logo.png
Entrance to Oz Records

Oz Music is a record store at 506 14th Street in Tuscaloosa. It is the last surviving location of what was once a regional chain which had locations at Midfield Plaza and Eastwood Mall.

In its heyday the store sold contemporary releases in phonograph, 8-track, audiocassette and, later, CD formats, as well as clothing, concert tickets, gifts and accessories. The Eastwood Mall location was designed by David Kaye and included a tornado entranceway, a spiraling yellow-brick road, and life-size mannequins of the main characters from "The Wizard of Oz". Flying monkeys swirled around the ceiling, toting baskets of merchandise. The store hosted an annual "Battle of Bands" in the parking lot. That location was later turned into a Turtles Records.

The Tuscaloosa store opened in 1989. When its owner retired in 2015 longtime manager Jason Patton took over. The shop has prospered with the renewed popularity of vinyl releases, and hosts regular live performances.


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