Philip Mewhinney

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Philip Mewhinney

Philip Stanhope Mewhinney (born 1889 in Birmingham; died 1970) was an architect who practiced in Birmingham in the 1910s and 20s.

Mewhinney was the son of Ajax Metal Company engineer Nat Mewhinney. He earned his bachelor of arts and architecture at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1912. He worked for a year with Dennison & Hirons, Architects, in New York, New York and then the next year in the atelier of Thomas Laloux in Paris, France.

After returning home to Birmingham, he partnered with Jacob Salie in the firm of Salie & Mewhinney with offices in the Woodward Building. The firm was noted for designing many modest-sized Craftsman-style homes in growing sections of the city, including Norwood, Milner Heights, Lakeview, South Highlands, Shades Mountain, East Lake, Ensley, Edgewood, as well as in Selma and Sheffield.

Salie and Mewhinney split in 1918 and both maintained their own offices. In 1921 Mewhinney was elected treasurer of the Alabama Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


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