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Rowan (born August 7, 2006) is a male reticulated giraffe born to Morefu and Juno at the Birmingham Zoo. At birth, he was 5'-5" tall and 125 pounds, and was standing on his feet within an hour of birth.

The Zoo held a naming contest for the calf which generated over 1,200 suggestions. Bill Perry, a fourth-grade student at Mountain Brook Elementary School had the winning entry. He selected the name "Rowan" to honor his giraffe-loving teacher, Loretta Rowan.

Rowan was be adopted by Mrs Rowan's class under the Zoo's "Adopt an Animal" program. In the Spring of 2007 he was joined by another male approximately the same age, who was later named Jalil.

By his first birthday, Rowan was over 9 feet tall and weighed about 450 pounds. He was later transferred to the Baton Rouge Zoo in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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