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Sergey B. Mirov (born in Russia) is a researcher, physics professor, and co-director of UAB's Center for Optical Sensors and Spectroscopies.

Mirov holds bachelor's and master's of science degrees in electrical engineering from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute - Technical University.

Mirov earned his Ph.D. in 1983 while on the research staff at the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He remained on staff, rising to principal research scientist before coming to UAB in 1993 as a visiting associate professor of physics and biomedical engineering. In 1997 he was attached to the university's Laser and Photonics Research Center. He became a full professor in 1999, became co-director of his research center in 2005, and was named a University Professor of Physics in 2010.

He and his team have developed lasers at frequencies in the middle of the infrared spectrum capable of distinguishing the shapes of molecules at a distance. The lasers are used in a type of "optical nose" which can be used to detect explosives, underground resources, or changes in body chemistry. The same technology is being developed for micro-surgical procedures and cancer cell eradication.

Mirov is credited in over 300 research articles, 97 of which appeared in peer-reviewed journals. He has received 17 patents for his technological advances. In 2007 he founded a start-up company, Photonics Innovations, to develop commercial applications for his tunable, middle-infrared laser technologies.

In 2009 Mirov received the "Carolyn P. and Charles W. Ireland Award for Scholarly Distinction" from UAB.


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