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Spencer Honors House in December 2009.

The Spencer Honors House is the home of the UAB Honors Program located at 1190 10th Avenue South as part of the UAB campus.

The 9,231-square foot building was originally 2nd Presbyterian Church, completed in 1901, which once hosted Martin Luther King Jr at its pulpit. After it was annexed into UAB's campus it served as the Ballet House until being converted into a temporary student union with offices for the Student Government Association and Student Organizations and Activities during construction of the UAB University Center.

Afterward, it was converted again into a faculty lounge and eventually came to serve as a center for UAB's honors program and its art history department. Honors students participated in repair and renovation work prior to a major overhaul in 2001-2002. The renovation included dividing the former church sanctuary into a large lecture hall, a seminar room, and several smaller study rooms. The facility was rededicated on March 18, 2002 and named in honor of William and Virginia Spencer, who had donated $2 million towards the renovation costs.

Vaughn Randall's 2006 sculpture "Rosette Bobbin" is patterned after the round stained glass windows of Spencer Honors House and is displayed outside it.


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