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For the federal prosecutor Tamarra Matthews Johnson (not the same individual), see Tamarra Johnson.

Tamara Harris Johnson (born c. 1954) is an attorney and was city attorney for Birmingham during Bernard Kincaid's mayoral administration.

Johnson is the daughter of Samuel Elliott Harris and Dixie Gardner Harris, whose sister Minnie married business tycoon A. G. Gaston. Tamara completed her undergraduate studies at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and earned her law degree in 1977 at Howard University in Washington D.C. She practiced in the fields of litigation, criminal, employment and labor law in D. C., Michigan, California and Alabama for 22 years before being appointed city attorney by Kincaid in 1999.

Johnson was dismissed by incoming mayor Larry Langford in December 2007.

In July 2009 the Birmingham City Council appointed Johnson to serve as a legal consultant to the council, reviewing contracts and proposed ordinances. Langford pledged not to sign her appointment letter, making it unclear whether she will be able to assume her appointed duties.

Johnson also served as chief assistant to Judge U. W. Clemon and applied unsuccessfully to become a U. S. Attorney for the Northern Judicial District of Alabama after the resignation of Alice Martin in 2009.

Johnson is also one of the founders of the Birmingham Chapter of The Girl Friends, Inc.


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