The Olmsted Vision: Parks for Birmingham

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The Olmsted Vision: Parks for Birmingham is a 2006 publication by Marjorie Longenecker White and Heather McArn for the Birmingham Historical Society reproducing and analyzing the Olmsted Brothers' 1924 proposal for A Park System for Birmingham in detail.

Historical accounts show what happened with the plan in the hands of city leaders, while the authors' research allows for the 1924 plan to be presented alongside other parks and landscapes designed by the Olmsteds and parks in Birmingham, such as Linn Park, Rushton Park, and the master plan for the development of the suburb of Mountain Brook, that were designed with some of the same principles.

In addition, the book presents some contemporary examples of park plans that conform to the 1924 plan, including the master plan for a Five Mile Creek greenway and other projects completed by the Auburn University Center for Architecture and Urban Studies.

An exhibit based on the book will be on display at the Birmingham Public Library through December 2006.


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